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How to make bread with Masa Mater

It’s easy AND tasty

At Masa Mater our main goal was to radically change the way we make sourdough bread without lowering the quality. What we wanted to achieve was to reduce all the complications that the conventional way entails.  The experience of making your own sourdough bread is about to change. It’s as easy as opening an envelope, preparing the mixture, kneading, fermenting and baking. All of this in less that 1 day!

You are wondering how this is possible, right?


Preparing sourdough bread with Masa Mater is as simple as following the instructions.  First of all, carefully read the recipe included in each box of Masa Mater. Remember that sourdough bread takes time: the fermentation of the dough, resulting in  the improvements of the quality of the bread due to the acid lactic, is a slow process, but it is worth it. 

In each box of Masa Mater you will find 4 envelopes and an instructions sheet. If you want to share your envelopes you can also download the recipe at the following links:

It is very important to plan and follow the instructions step by step. You can follow the video recipes to know all the details and tips of our baker:

 Masa Mater SECALE video-recipe:  Our dark and aromatic bread.
Learn step by step how to make your own sourdough bread. We give you some tips and advice to make a fantastic bread at home.

Masa Mater TRITORDEUM express video-recipe: our golden bread. Watch the video to learn how to make bâtards in the simplest way.

We highly recommend you to watch the Secale video to see the step-by-step process if it is the first time you make bread with Masa Mater. Both videos are subtitled in English.

Reminder: Keep your Masa Mater envelopes in the fridge.

The millions of bacteria and yeasts in each sachet like the cold. 

Masa Mater can also be used in a wide variety of recipes:

Masa Mater offers endless possibilities: sweet recipes such as cinnamon rolls and chocolate braids, delicious pizzas and focaccias, baguettes, loaves and bâtards with an intense flavor… What are you waiting for?

Es difícil resistirse con la buena pinta que tienen, pero no queremos acabar en el hospital con quemaduras.
bread maker

Masa Mater, excellent homemade sourdough bread

Save time and gain in quality. The best way to make bread at home with authentic living, organic and high quality dough.

Bon Appetite!

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