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With SECALE we have started with rye, but it will soon increase
Masa Mater family. We anticipate the next varieties.

bread secale masa mater

SECALE: pure rye sourduling

It is made with an organic integral rye flour of the highest quality. If you mix it with white flour, you will have a rustic bread with the crumb of a somewhat toasted color. But if you combine it with more rye or other wholemeal flours, you’ll have a deep-tasting whole-grain panazo. Try this recipe: one SECALE envelope, 200 g of strength white wheat flour, 100 g of whole rye flour and 200 g of whole wheat flour, 400 ml of water, one tablespoon of honey, salt and… ready! You’ll tell us.

TRITORDEUM: golden character

To make our Mater Mass TRITORDEUM we have selected flour from this hybrid cereal (a cross between wheat –triticum– and barley –hordeum–), we have combined it with soft barley malt and with our mixture of microorganisms, to provide you with everything that needs a great soft bread but with character. Tritordeum flour has high levels of dietary fiber, and also lutein, a natural antioxidant that helps us keep our eyesight and mitigate the symptoms of aging. Lutein gives this characteristic golden color to this cereal.

tritordeum sourdough
khorasan sourdough

KHORASAN: the cereal that escaped extinction

The popular saying says that not the whole mountain is oregano. Well, likewise, not all wheat is wheat. We explain: there are almost disappeared varieties of ancient wheat that are now recovering for their extraordinary nutritional properties and their potential in baking. This is the case of khorasan wheat, an ancestral variety of durum wheat grown in the Middle East and which, compared to its modern cousins, has a higher protein and mineral content.

TRITICUM: a revisited classic

Let’s not kid ourselves: wholemeal bread isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t conceive of a baguette with the brown specks of bran, or a veneer that doesn’t have snow-white crumb. Even fiber lovers sometimes want a white bread sandwich or a bread, simply, with giant alveoli. For all those people we have created TRITICUM, the perfect combination of top quality white wheat flour and our magical blend of lactic bacteria and wild yeasts.


triticum sourdough
maritimum sourdough

MARITIMUM: green I love you green

With MARITIMUM we threw the house out the window. As in a Saramago novel, we ask ourselves a “what if…?” but in a honeysty version. The result? We have developed a radically different product that allows to make a sourding bread enriched with antioxidant algae: the species Spirulina and Tetraselmis. Both provide high nutritional quality proteins and lipids, many vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and… a tremendous taste of the sea.

In this video we explain how to prepare your bread:

Mater dough, excellent homemade sourding bread

Save time and gain in quality. The best way to make bread at home with authentic living, organic, organic and high quality dough. Have a good time!

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