My first bread

My name is JavierCuervo, and I am a chemist from the University of Oviedo and MBA by IESE. I’m in digital business. I like to cook, but I have some respect to the oven, although as I like to try everything, I have dared with Masa Mater Maritimum.

I confess that I had not made bread in my life, instead I had the experience with pancakes or pizza, and precisely that is why I knew how difficult it was to catch the point, and that’s why I did the paddle when Manuel Porcar proposed to me to try his Masa Mater Maritimum. Yes, it had to be the Maritimum, which has algae and is probably even more complicated to do, or at least rarer, because I was overwhelmed by curiosity.

I could have started with Secale, his flagship product, but it was I who asked him for the Maritimum because I was struck by that blue-green color of the Mediterranean. So I already had every degree of freedom possible: my inexperience, a running furnace, not to use chemicals but a natural sourdough based on yeasts and lactobaccils, and also the blue green color of the algae.


The process of making bread with Masa Mater

Making bread with Masa Mater was much easier than I thought. I had made bread before, but I had always been very hard or very soft, or the dough did not grow because the yeast did not work, or had other problems such as cooking time.

They passed me the recipe. I mixed the green product with half a kilo of flour, added the water and… voila! The kneading was very simple. I turned on the TV and every quarter of an hour massaged the dough a little and watched it take shape.

Then I covered it and waited the next day. How he had grown up! That’s not the matter with industrial yeast. Everything becomes very easy with Masa Mater. I split the mixture into two pieces, shaped like a loaf of bread, and baked them.

In a very short time the bars were cooked to perfection.



It was hot. The most delicious moment.

I took a piece, put it in my mouth and, despite the heat, it was refreshing. The taste of the algae is perfectly interspersed with that of a homemade bread with a strong wheat flavor that you can only buy in a village with less than a thousand inhabitants in which the baker cares more about the product than the profitability.



The most surprising thing was the ease. I like bread. I’ve made bread in the past. But it’s always been a cumbersome job. It can be fun to do it with your kids, fill it with chorizo or other things you have in the fridge, but you never get used to making a normal bread bar, because you always get tough or you can’t give it the point. However, with this product I managed to make two bars in less than an hour and a half (in total, including baking), and it is a bread that can last three days maintaining the flavor.

My advice: make a bar and take advantage of it for several days. It’s not normal bread. A single piece of this bread is a piece of food. When you finish that bar, take the rest of Masa Mater out of the fridge and make a second bar. It may have lost some properties, but it will still be a very complete food and much more flavorful than a normal bar. This way, every time you make bread, you and your family will have secured rations for a week.

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