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The creators of Masa Mater, in addition to bakery enthusiasts, are microbiologists who are experts in isolation and obtaining wild yeasts for the food industry.

That’s why we came up with the idea of developing a product that didn’t exist: dry, semi-instant sourd mass that allows us to make high-quality bread in a day. How? Selecting natural microorganisms and combining them in the exact proportion with a very basic recipe.

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More and more of us are betting on another type of feed.

mass mater

Make bread with her, keep her. Save a few grams of the envelope and grow your own mater dough.

As this makes it easy to get used to having homemade bread overnight, we encourage you, in addition to trying it, to keep it. It’s simple: before pouring all the contents of Masa Mater, store a few grams, add water and let it ferment all night in a jar. The next day you will have your mater dough that you can refresh and store in a refrigerator. You will see that it is fast and powerful, with a medium acidity.

Experiment with it… and tell us what you think.

Mater dough, excellent homemade sourding bread

Save time and gain in quality. The best way to make bread at home with authentic living, organic, organic and high quality dough. Have a good time!

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Sucríbete a la lista de correo de Masa Mater

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