Gallery of errors. The seven most common failures when making sourdest bread

Never be ashamed of your bread! In the hundreds of tests we did during masa Mater’s development, we and our friends and family went through everything. But from mistakes you learn, and a lot. That’s how we’ve compiled this little best-of of common (and not-so-common) mistakes you could make in your first panarras. Let’sgo!

Gluten has not fully developed

It’s a common mistake. The drowning in the photo is missing a little kneading. Notice that the holes (alveoli) are at the top of the dough. But instead the crust is at its point. This is the first bread our friend S***** made, a TRITORDEUM. He told us he was very good, so to be the first, it’s not bad at all.

gluten no desarrollado

Low tension in forming

If you don’t create tension when you form a loaf or put too much water in, the bread will spread in the oven and you’ll end up with a cake, more than a loaf. Look at the look of the crumb of this MARITIMUM, it’s quite fluffy, and as J**** told us, a colleague who tasted this bread, was very tasty and tasted like sea. With a good forming, the next one will be as rounded as our Masa Mater logo.

poca tension formado pan masa madre

The brand of the fox

Here are two obvious mistakes. Judging by the color of the bark of this TRITICUM, it is clear that the upper strength of the oven did not work, or that the temperature/cooking time was too low. But, moreover, the greñas must be made almost parallel to bread, not perpendicular. Tip for T****: you’ll have to practice a little more with greñado and baking! But if it’s any consolation, think that an ugly bread can be great, and toast will certainly give you a new life.

Pan masa madre temperatura horno baja

Where did you put that in the recipe? Overfermentation

Our friend P*** is a handyman, one of those that still untie a sink that will make you a bath. But he had never made bread, and when we proposed to him to try Masa Mater, he went to it with joy and even – as we will see – unbridled. P*** was in a hurry that day, so he left the first fermentation short, very short. Aware of his mistake, but still in a hurry, he decided to form in a peep and speed up the second fermentation by introducing the dough into the dishwasher. Yes, you read that right. The warm steam in the dishwasher seemed like an ideal place for that to grow in the blink of an eye. The result was an overfermented bread. This is noticeable because when P*** pressed one of the pieces with his inquisitor thumb, he did not get almost resistance, and the corresponding mark (see the footprint on the central bar of the photo), he stayed there, sunk, which did not foreshadow anything good.

pan masa madre sobreferementado

Formed with low tension, insufficient baking, failed greñado. This is the result of cooking P*** bread. Being overferred, the tension of the form was lost, the bread did not greave, it did not go up in the oven and, therefore, being far from the upper resistance, it was little cooked above. TriTICUM is white, but not so much! Still, the crumb didn’t look bad, it has to be said. Cheer up, P***, don’t get discouraged and forget about the dishwasher to cook!

sobreferementacion temperatura baja pan masa madre

When you pass four villages with the second fermentation

Speaking of overferment, imagine reading in the recipe that the second fermentation lasts 1-3 hours, but for some reason the wires cross, you do not see the script that separates the “1” and the “3” and you interpret that the second fermentation should last… 13 hours. Result: the dough becomes a porridge that there is no way to handle it. No need to comment on the semi-lyquid bars and loaves of photography, the work of E*****, but, to find something positive: the rosquilleta and the central ball (for whom was that ball?) are very cute.

sobrefertmentacion segunda feremntacion pan masa madre

The dough grows, you know?

The mother of our companion A*** threw herself into the bread pool to make her first bread. Neither short nor lazy, he greased (little) a bowl (small) and covered it with a plate (not greased). What happened? There was no way to remove the dough from the bowl without loading the entire gluten structure. Remember, mother of A***, you have to make room for the dough to expand, so you have to put it to ferment in a well-oiled bowl and large enough. We took the opportunity to remember that it is not worth “anything” to cover the bowl. A kitchen rag simply won’t keep the moisture, it will make the dough dry out and then you’ll have stumbles on your bread.

Espacio para expandirse masa madre

This is an oven, and the rest is nonsense

We’ve saved this exceptional case by the end. Our friend P*** scrupulously followed Masa Mater’s recipe, but within 20 minutes the bread had almost completely scorched, as seen in the dreadful photograph. Attention to the condition of the baking paper, which seems to be about to disintegrate just by breathing nearby through a mask. The reason for such a muddy roast? Well, it just didn’t go well, and it heated up more, much more, than the right temperature.

sobrecalentamiento horno pan masa madre

The solution? Well, trial-error. Our friend P*** tested, and since she baked with thirty degrees less, she’s been made to forget the day she perpetuated this hybrid of paid bread and Catalan cream. Still, he told us he was great inside.

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