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From the soft loaves and bars of Triticum, the smooth but intense Khorasan, the golden tones of Tritordeum, the aromatic intensity of Secale and the majestic combination of seaweed of Maritimum

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I made it with wheat flour and nothing else. The flavor is mild but with a hint of rye and a very slight acid touch, very pleasant. The crust is thin and slightly crispy. The soft and absorbent crumb. Nice smell of homebread bread. It is a bread with many possibilities as it admits simple variations. Suggestion: As the base of the sourdough is rye flour, the bread comes out brown. Perhaps at another time it would be convenient to launch another product for white bread. Congratulations! .”



“NI wasn’t sure at all but I was encouraged to buy this “invention”. It seemed like a great idea that works perfectly. The flavor of the bread is 100% sourdough without the complications of having to maintain your own daily. I give it a 9. I don’t give it a 10 because I had to extend the fermentation time although I have to try shorter times. It is true that it is difficult for the mix to get active at first but then it goes great. I really recommend it I will continue to buy the product. .”



I bought Masa Mater because I had wanted to make sourdough bread for a long time but I am a little short on time. With Masa Mater it was easy, I only needed one envelope of the 4 that come, the flours in the photo (you can buy them in any supermarket), salt and water. I followed the instructions and a very nice bread came out, with a powerful flavor. It is a good alternative to prepare sourdough bread if you don’t have a lot of experience or time. I recommend it

Josep Gallego Roig


I have always been scared to make natural sourdough bread because it seemed very complicated to me, but with this formula I have done it from one day to the next without having a sourdough at home. I have made a bread that is not acidic like others that I have tried from the first times of some friends.

It is easy to use because all you have to do is mix an envelope with 400 ml of water and half a kilo of strong flour and at least it worked for me the first time, following the instructions in the video. I ordered it on Friday, it arrived on Saturday and on Sunday I already have my first sourdough bread made “



Masa Mater, excellent homemade sourdough bread

Save time and gain in quality. The best way to make bread at home with authentic living, organic and high quality dough.

Bon Appetite!

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