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The fastest natural and homemade sourdough bread.

An improved recipe in Masa Mater!

In Masa Mater, we wanted to take it a step further.

We want your sourdough making experience to be unbeatable For this reason, we have developed the fastest sourdough recipe ever. With Masa Mater, you will be able to enjoy an authentic sourdough flavor in just a few hours.

What are you waiting for?

It used to be complicated

Making sourdough at home has always been a long and tricky process: preventing it from dry, feeding it every day… and it also doesn’t fit very well with our social life.

Sometimes we’d like to have a bread for a special occasion and we can’t, because our sourdough isn’t ready.

With Masa Mater it’s easy

The experience of making your own sourd dough bread is about to change. It’s so easy you only have to open up two envelopes, prepare the mixture, knead, ferment and bake in the oven. And all of this in just a few hours.

You’ll wonder how that’s possible, won’t you? We’ll explain it to you below

What are you waiting for?

Admit it: sourdough bread tastes better, smells better and lasts longer. That’s why we want you to elaborate some amazing loaves this way.

Masa Mater is a mix of lactic bacteria and wild yeasts. Like a conventional sourdough but in a powder-like format, and so active that it allows you to elaborate a high-quality bread in just a few hours. Bread that tastes amazing The traditional way.

Sourdough bread, before

Sourdough bread ferments with a combination of microorganisms, that include lactic bacteria, that are responsable for the characteristic acid flavor, and also yeast, responsable for the rising of the dough. Traditionally, homemade bakers from all over the world have mantained some cristal pots with their own sourdough, but you can’t use this dough directly, you have to “refresh” it, which means you basically have to add more flour and water, wait a day, discard everything except a tablespoon, and mix it up with more flour and water. You have to continue this process until it’s so active that it doubles its size in a few hours.

The challenge

At Masa Mater we set out to radically change the way we make sourdough bread without lowering the quality, but reducing all the complications that the conventional way entails. We had to select the best lactobacillus and wild yeast, cultivate them in big fermenters, dry them out with the liofilization process and combine them in great quantities. Yes, our envelopes contain millions of them! For this reason, our sourdough is the fastest. You can have authentic sourdough flavoured bread in just a few hours.

Sourdough bread with Masa Mater

With us, baking bread is as easy as pie. You have to soak cheakpeas in water 1 day before, right? Here you just have to mix up the content from the Masa Mater envelopes with flour, water and salt, and let it ferment for a couple of hours. Then, you shape the bread however you prefer, you let it rise and you bake it in the oven. If you want, you can conserve your Masa Mater as a conventional sourdough, refreshing it (you’ll see that it’s very powerful and fast), or you can also combine it with your very own sourdough, to give it more consistency and speed.

And we go one step further with our easiest sourdough bread recipe. Check out our Masa Mater bread recipe in a breadmaker machine!


SECALE, the first creation

Our flagship product is made with an organic integral rye flour of the highest quality. If you mix it with white flour, you will have a rustic bread with a somewhat toasted crumb. But if you combine it with more rye or other wholemeal flours, you’ll get a deep-tasting whole-grain bread. Slowly, the Masa Mater family is growing with other cereal from our fields, including an unusual mixture including the best from land and sea. Discover the complete Masa Mater family!

Sourdough bread, step by step

With Masa Mater, you will be able to bake the fastest and easiest sourdough bread

Recipe available in english, portuguese, italian, german and french.

The same sourdough as always, but easier than ever. What are you waiting for?

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Masa Mater, excellent homemade sourdough bread

Save time and gain in quality. The best way to make bread at home with authentic living, organic, ecological and high quality dough. Bon Appetite!