Make homemade, natural and uncomplicated sourdough bread.

It used to be complicated

Making sourdough at home has always been a long and tricky process: preventing it from drying out, feeding it every day… and it can also interfere with our leisure activities. Sometimes we’d like to bake bread for a special occasion and we can’t, because our sourdough isn’t ready.

With Masa Mater it’s easy

The experience of making your own sourdough bread is about to change. It’s as simple as opening a sachet, preparing the mixture, kneading, fermenting and baking. And all in less than a day. We bet you are wondering how that’s possible, aren’t you? Find out more details in this video.

What are you waiting for?

You have to admit it: sourdough bread tastes better, smells better and lasts longer. That’s why we want you to be able to bake your own amazing sourdough bread. Masa Mater is a mix of lactic bacteria and wild yeast. Like a conventional sourdough, but in a powdered format and so active that it will allow you to bake high quality sourdough bread in only one day. The traditional way.

SECALE, the first creation

Our flagship product is made with an organic integral rye flour of the highest quality. If you mix it with white flour, you can bake a rustic bread with a somewhat toasted crumb. But if you combine it with more rye flour or any other wholemeal flour, you’ll get an incredibly tasty, wholegrain bread. Soon the Masa Mater family will grow with other cereals from our fields, and maybe even with some unusual mixtures between the best of the land and of the sea.

Sourdough bread before

Sourdough bread fermentation is performed by a combination of microorganisms that includes lactic bacteria, responsible for the characteristic acid flavor of the bread, and also yeast, that are the leavening agents. Traditionally, us home bakers have always kept glass jars at the back of our fridge with our sourdough, but this sourdough can’t be directly used to make bread as we have to keep it ‘fresh’. How? By mixing it with more water and flour, waiting for a day, emptying out most of the content of the jar except about one teaspoon full, and mixing it again with more water and flour… This must be done regularly until the sourdough is so active that it doubles it size in only a few hours.

The challenge

With Masa Mater we wanted to radically change the sourdough bread-making process without losing quality, but while reducing all the complications associated to the traditional way of making sourdough bread. For this, we had to select the best lactobacilli and wild yeast, grow them in large fermenters, dry them with a lyophilization process and combine them in large quantities. Yes, ¡our sachets contains thousands of millions of live organisms!

Sourdough bread now

With our product, making sourdough bread is as simple as making soup. You need to soak your chickpeas for about a day before cooking them, right? Well, with Masa Mater all you have to do is mix the contents of the sachet with flour, water and salt, and let it sit all night. The next day you can give the dough whatever shape you want, let it rise and bake it. If you want, you can preserve your Masa Mater like a conventional sourdough by regularly refreshing it (you will see that it is quick and powerful), or you can combine it with your own sourdough starter, to give it even more robustness.

Traditional sourdough but easier than ever. What are you waiting for?

Mater dough, excellent homemade sourding bread

Save time and gain in quality. The best way to make bread at home with authentic living, organic, organic and high quality dough. Have a good time!

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